Tourist stomps on alligator to make it move

A tourist in China has been caught on camera stomping on an endangered alligator species at a nature reserve. 

The man did not hide his shameful actions from other visitors. This made it easier for the person recording to report him. 

Daily Mail said the man was visiting with friends on Saturday. The incident took place at the Anhui Chinese Alligator Nature Reserve. 

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Before the video was taped, Ms. Wang who reportedly filmed the scene said that the man had already approached and tried to lift the tail of another alligator. 

In the disturbing video, the culprit repeatedly jabbed the Chinese alligator with is hand. Then he stomped the creature in an alleged attempt to get it to move. 

The animal swam away after it was attacked "quite heavily" according to Ms. Wang. 

She continued saying, "He felt very good about himself, and even told his friends to take pictures of him." 

He went on to disturb a third alligator but was stopped by security guards. 

According to People's Daily Online, a policeman surnamed Ye explained: 

"The security guards saw him trying to grab a Chinese alligator in another place. The security guards went up to stop him. They also educated him, telling him he couldn't do that in the future."

Source: YouTube

Several warnings were located throughout the alligator ponds but the man simply disregarded them. 

The critically endangered species is known in China as a Yangtze Alligator. It was previously distributed in the lower Yangtze River in east China. 

Now found only in Anhui Province, harming the alligator would bring about punishment for the guilty party. 

Source: YouTube

Thankfully, the man did not impose serious damage on the Chinese alligator when he stomped on it.

The creatures, of course, should be left in or transported to the most suitable habitat for them. 

This was the intention of the Florida Fish Wildlife workers when they attempted to trap an eight-foot-long alligator in May. The event happened in Ocoee, Orlando, Florida. 

Source: YouTube

The animal was wondering in the neighborhood before the trappers were called. When they arrived, however, one was knocked out clean as the creature fought back with power. 

Two other officers also received smacks as they tried to capture the strongly determined reptile. 

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