4-year-old girl commands six hungry pit bulls (video)

This adorable little girl proves that vicious dogs have nothing to do with their breed, and everything to do with how they are trained and the love and affection they find in their homes. 

Pit bulls have been branded as a dangerous breed for many years now, but one family in the US has made it their mission to prove that it's all in the training these dogs receive from their humans. 

In January 2017, Nina Wahl posted a video of her then-4-year-old niece Taysley Rose commanding the attention and respect of the family's six male pit bulls. 

In the clip, it's clear that it's dinner time for the hungry pups, but Taysley is content to show off their peaceful nature in the video by first making them patiently listen to her every command. 

First, Taysley gets them all to sit in front of her. Even seated, the dogs are all eye-level with her, but that doesn't deter her. Taysley won't be feeding anyone until all of them are sitting down. 

While four of them sit, she congratulates them on listening, before scolding the other two to sit. In the meantime, someone lets out a hungry whine as they wait for the two naughty brothers to sit down so that feeding can begin. 

Once all six have put their bums on the floor, Taysley grabs a large bucket filled with kibble from a counter, and proceeds to pour it out into a mound on the floor. Then she flattens the mound slightly with the bottom of the bucket. 

All the while, the six hungry pups sit patiently watching her, waiting for her command to eat. 

Even when she has to turn around to put the bucket back on the kitchen counter, no one even tries to sneak some food behind her back. 

Turning back to the dogs, she counts to three before telling them "OK!" which is clearly their cue to eat. 

Even with six of them having to share the same pile of food, there is no shoving or growing, and definitely no fighting that breaks out in the small kitchen, although Taysley is clearly a little too close to the huddle and gets nudged out of the way through an excited wiggle from one of the dogs. 

"Six male pitbulls, some people say it could never be done. They live and eat together. We are a family. That was a four-year-old, who was able to tell those dogs what to do and when to do it," Wahl says in the background as the happy boys eat. 

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