Woman shared her bathroom with a visitor and 21 years later received her reward

While taking a walk through Brindisi, the founder of the Al Jazeera chain was aided by the willingness of an Italian lady who lent her bath in a moment of need.

In 1997 the former emir of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, went on a trip through the Italian city of Brindisi, where according to information from TN, the sheik had the natural urge to go to the bathroom in a place where there were no open shops, where he could satisfy his physiological needs.

It was then, when he arrived at the Sciabiche seafaring neighborhood, that he met Teresa Borsetti, an old lady who asked him if he needed anything, and upon request to use the bathroom for a moment, she opened the doors of her house without hesitation.

According to the information shared by El Mundo, Al Thani was deeply moved by Borsetti's gesture, so he promised that he would visit her someday as a sign of gratitude for having welcomed him in a moment of need.

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And that's how the owner of Qatar Airlines came to Brindisi again, 21 years later, aboard his yacht, the Katara, to look for Teresa again and fulfill his promise. As El Popular reviews, Teresa was not the only one to wait for the sheik, in fact, there was a waiting procession.

A lot has changed since 1997, now this hospitable Brindisi lady has ten children and more than thirty great-grandchildren. All of them were there to receive the Arab leader. According to Nouvo Quotifiano, Teresa and Al Thani held a long and pleasant conversation for more than an hour.

Among coffees and pastries typical of the region, both shared a pleasant time without cameras, or recorders to document the event. As a curious fact, the sheik left a gift to Teresa that until now is unknown that contained.


However, it is known that Al Thani gave her and all her family plane tickets to visit him when they wish to do so, in gratitude for the selfless gesture that this woman had with a stranger two decades ago.

Like Teresa, many other people act to do good, without expecting anything in return, but suddenly, good karma catches them.

Like Greg Zanis, a 66-year-old carpenter who has unselfishly made 20,000 crosses for victims of shootings in the United States, and who 20 years, later received a day in his honor on November 12.

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