2 sweet rescued puppies want to find a home

Two adorable dogs from the North Shore Animal League America have been looking for their forever families.

Us Weekly partnered with the organization in the hopes of finding a home for the two puppies, Meeko and Leroy.

The media outlet featured the two canines in their Facebook Live series, “Rescue Me!”

Meeko and Leroy had fun as they were watched by thousands of people all over the world through the social media platform.

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

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Meeko is a four-year-old rescued Yorkshire Terrier mix, while Leroy is a one-year-old Terrier mix and was rescued from St. Thomas in the Carribean.

North Shore Animal League America has a mission to find permanent homes for the two pups, and for many other homeless pets.

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

On September 29, the organization will be having their second yearly Walk & Wag event at North Hempstead Beach Park in Port Washington, New York.

The event aims to raise money and awareness for the organization’s no-kill mission.

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

For the walk, participants get to choose if they want to walk through the park individually or in teams.

North Shore Animal League America will be giving a 2018 Walk & Wag shirt and a pet bandana, plus prizes for the different fundraising levels.

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

Source: YouTube/ Us Weekly

According to Us Weekly, the rescue group has already raised more than $7,200 of their $50,000 goal.

North Shore Animal League America was put up in 1944, and since then, they have rescued more than a million dogs and cats.

In addition, the organization is known as the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption center.

North Shore Animal League America stays true to their vision, which is “a future in which all companion animals find responsible, loving homes where they are free from abuse, hunger, fear, and loneliness and receive the care and respect they deserve.”

As for Meeko and Leroy, more details can be seen here for those interested in adopting them. Also, visit North Shore Animal League America’s website to meet all the animals that have been put up for adoption.

Meanwhile, six shelter dogs acted as “ball boys” at the 2018 Brazilian Tennis Open.

The adorable canines wore neck scarves and wristbands during the event.

The shelter, where the dogs are being cared for, hope that the publicity would get some families to adopt the dogs from their facility.

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