Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson says some sweet words to his baby daughter that will melt your heart

Actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” took to Instagram to share a video of himself talking to his baby daughter, Tiana, about how great he is.

The clip started with the actor wearing a white shirt holding Tiana Gia in his arms. While smiling, Dwayne told his baby that she had the sexiest father in the world, to what the girl “responded” with a burst of laughs.

Dwayne then said, “I know, I know.” He added, “and, the coolest daddy in the world?” Tiana was placing her arm in her mouth, though, so she couldn’t “say” anything. The actor then pointed out that he couldn’t hear her because she was eating her arm.

Finally, the proud father tried to make Tiana say “coolest daddy in the world” and “smartest daddy in the world.”

For the caption, Dwayne revealed that he was trying to “fish for compliments” all day. He added a funny aspect to the video confessing that it was the same way he usually speaks to actor and comedian Kevin Hart.

As soon as he uploaded that video, his followers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. One of them was @dr.rachet12345, who pointed out that Tiana was very cute every time she smiles.

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In an interview Dwayne had with People, he confessed that he was with Lauren Hashian, the woman he has been with since 2007, throughout the entire labor process helping her breathe, watching the actual delivery, cutting the cord, and wiping tears.

The actor added that births were miracles that men should witness as it would give them a new and different perspective regarding the strength and beauty of a woman.


Lauren, who turned 34 on September 8, was surprised with a sweet video made by her life partner, Dwayne, and the couple’s two daughters.

The clip showed the actor holding both girls, Tiana and Jasmine, singing “Happy Birthday” to Lauren. At the end of the video, Jasmine said, “we love you!”

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