Rare tree kangaroo gave birth to a new baby (video)

The newborn tree kangaroo stunned the workers at the zoo when it first popped out of its mother’s pouch in Australia.

The viral video showed the joey peering out of the pouch and gazing at the surroundings of the Healesville Sanctuary.

As for its mother, Mani, she confidently stares at the camera and appears proud of her newborn.

The unnamed joey is reported to be the first-ever to be born at the Sanctuary.

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In 2016, Mani had been partnered with Bagam. Earlier this year, during a routine pouch check, the staff at the Sanctuary found out that Mani had a small joey.

When they discovered it, it was still the size of a jellybean and was growing by the minute.

It took six months before the joey slightly popped out its head for the first time during a cold morning.

“Over the coming months, the joey will continue to venture out of the pouch more and more. It will become more independent as it learns from mum and dad,” said the Sanctuary in a statement.

Tree kangaroos are already categorized as a threatened species. The Healesville Sanctuary had been partnering with various organizations all over the world to prevent the species’ extinction.

As part of a macropod family, the tree kangaroos are close relatives of wallabies and kangaroos.

While Wallabies and kangaroos are ground-dwellers, tree kangaroos, on the other hand, are more adapted to living on tree-tops. They are good climbers, but they tend to be clumsy on the ground.

As of now, there are 14 species of tree kangaroos known. Most of them are considered rare, and their populations have already been decreasing.

Typically, they live in rainforests in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and on the far north of Queensland.

Mani, Bagam, and their little joey are currently on display in the Sanctuary’s Kangaroo Country exhibit, helping people be in touch with animals from the wild.

In another viral story, a man punched a kangaroo from the wild after the animal attacked the man’s dog.

The man rushed towards its dog when he saw that a male kangaroo was strangling it in Australia.

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