Severely overweight dog found face-down in a field makes an amazing recovery

Jane Lynch’s adopted rescue dog got a new lease on life after being found abandoned in a field.

Arbuckle, full name Fatty Arbuckle, named after actor Roscoe Conkling 'Fatty' Arbuckle was found face down in a field, 8 years old and suffering from a hypothyroid condition causing him to be overweight, and at 116 lbs.

Barely able to walk and abandoned after being dumped he got rescued by The Purposeful Rescue

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After learning about Arbuckle’s plight on an Instagram feed actress Jane Lynch and her partner Jennifer Cheyenne adopted him.

Lynch commented:

“He had sores all over his belly — probably from lying on concrete and his belly rubbing on the ground — so he was a mess.

They didn’t know what kind of an animal he was at first. The Purposeful Rescue people had never seen anything like this before.”

As a rescue, he has never lived with a family before and seemed to prefer living in a 6-by-6 square foot area.

He was not used to other dogs or other things and did not know how to react to them.


However, his gentle nature and increasing confidence soon had him shedding some much-needed pounds.

The couple commented

“He doesn’t look like a strange creature anymore, he is being set free. It’s got to feel good for him.”

Exercise and endless amounts of love from his new adoptive moms he dropped over 30 lbs and doing great. He is healthier, on medication for hyperthyroidism and more active.

A remarkable turnaround for Arbuckle, healthier than he has ever been and part of a family that loves him.

Sometimes dogs also rescue each other, another story that showcases the bravery of a black Labrador against the odds can be seen here.

 Follow Arbuckle's journey here on his Instagram account and learn more about this special dog and how far he has already come.


After seeing a post on Facebook for a dog that was up for adoption, but 'a tad overweight', a family adopted him and set a plan in motion to get him healthy. To read the story of this Labrador and his family follow this link.

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