Firemen accept lip-synch challenge and steal the show the instant they start to dance (video)

A new social media craze is making headlines as officers and firefighters from around the country partake in lip-sync challenges.

The officers from the Norfolk Police Department chose "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, which they perform while dancing down a hallway.

Even members of their administration department joined in the fun. Towards the end of the clip, they truly let their creativity shine by using traffic cones as trumpets.  

The clip ends with the officers showing off their moves in the parking area outside. They were even joined by the bomb squad!

While we're on the topic of fun-loving, dancing officers, let's not forget their K9 units. A police dog from San Antonio has been stealing the show by joining his handler in a lip sync battle too. 

Officer Ray Ohl and his trusted companion dog named Piko utilized the dashcam in his vehicle to lip sync to "The Middle." 

It was an unusual choice for a song, but Officer Ohl does it justice without skipping a beat. He opens the partition to the back of his vehicle for Piko to join in the fun.

But before we show you their hilarious performances, allow us to introduce these talented firemen from Greenville. They sure do give the officers a run for their money when it comes to strutting their stuff and showing off their dance moves. 

They chose Flo Rida's hit song, "My House," and the first firefighter can be seen entering the lounge area at the station while lip-synching

The camera then pans to show his colleagues lounging in the relaxation area while he continues with his performance. One after the other, they join the first firefighter. 

In the next clip, our lead singer gets his gear ready before jumping on the back of the fire truck. Not be outdone, the Paris Fire Department joined in the fun while shaking their booties to "I'm Sexy And I Know It."

Their video received a whopping 5.6 million views on YouTube, and it's not hard to see why. Over the past couple of days, other departments have accepted the challenge too.

Here are the three videos, which one do you like the most?




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