Man saves wild horse with chained legs then animal says incredible 'thank you' to savior

In Romania, people will often bind a horse's front or hind legs with chains to prevent them from running off. Not only does it restrict their movement, but the wire or chains could also cut into their skin. If left untreated, the infection could turn septic and the animal could lose its leg. 

A man named Ovidiu Rosu came across such a horse and simply couldn't leave the horse to his own defenses. In return, the animal "thanked" him. 

Rosu is a veterinarian with Four Paws International and his video has gone viral in the two and a half years it's been online. Before he could free the horse of its restraints, he had to gain its trust first. The animal was already distrustful of humans. 

He slowly approached the horse before placing a cloth over the animal's eyes. Then he went to work carefully cutting the chains from the horses front legs. The wire had cut into the skin but it was only a minor bruise and would heal again easily.

The damage could have been so much worse. He gently removed the cloth from the horse's eyes and helped him up. When one of the other horses in the herd saw that his buddy was unshackled, he walked up to Rosu and touched his nose against the veterinarian's head, almost as if to give him a kiss! 

But before we show you the adorable footage, allow us to introduce this miniature foal who playfully chased his owner only days after it was born!

The clip took the internet by storm again recently, three years after it first went viral. The miniature horse foal was only three-days-old when the footage was taken. He was still struggling to find his footing too and wobbled a bit as he ran. 

The clip starts with the owner running around the pen and the little baby followed the man from one end of the pen to the other. The man then stops to pat the foal's head, before running off again with the cute little baby in tow. 

He found his footing soon enough and could "chase" the man in no time. The baby adjusted and could keep his pace without wobbling or falling over. 

After a few seconds, the foal's concerned mother, Grace, approached her baby and the man to make sure her offspring is still fine. A mother's love is amazing, isn't it?

Here are both videos, which one do you like most?



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