Serena Williams shares picture with her adorable daughter playing in the sand

A calm Serena Williams is pictured with her daughter in her recent post, a stark contrast to her feisty demeanor during her final match at the US Open. 

Following the turmoil that accompanied her recent defeat at the US Open, Serena Williams is taking the time to spend a quiet moment with her daughter Olympia. In a recent photo she shares, the Olympian sits by her daughter’s side as her one-year-old plays inside a sandbox with her toys. 

Tensions were high during Serena’s final match at the US Open where she lost to Naomi Osaka and accused the game’s umpire of sexism. But that’s all behind her now as a recent photo reveals.  The tennis legend appeared calm and reflective in a photo she shared where she’s by her daughter’s side in a sandbox, just relishing their time together. 

The candid moment reveals the other side of the fiery athlete, one who’s a devoted mom as much as she is a passionate tennis player.  She is peaceful and relaxed, and most likely grateful for the time to be with her family.  In her photo’s caption, she writes, “Sandbox workouts with @olympiaohanian” and credits her husband Alexis Ohanian for the snap. The family of three have often shared glimpses of their time together as evident in their social media accounts.

Oftentimes it’s Olympia who graces her parents’ Instagram but earlier in the week, Serena shared a photo of her daughter’s doll Qai Qai who she refers to as her granddaughter. The toy has become an Instagram sensation ever since she debuted her in August in its own Instagram page, @realqaiqai which has earned over 22,000 followers since.  

According to an article about the doll by The Cut, Qai Qai, who’s often injured has become an Instagram influencer delighting its followers with her strength despite being dropped on her head, carried upside down or abandoned by its mother.

She’s also been the subject of controversy when many accused Olympia of mistreating her doll which Serena has addressed. She confirmed it was an issue and that she’s also taking responsibility for taking care of Qai Qai along with her daughter. 

While she’s already a mother to a baby doll, Olympia is actually just a one-year-old whose birthday earlier this month came without any fanfare. Her mother opted not to celebrate her birthday due to the restrictions placed by her religion, Jehovah’s Witness. According to Serena, they do not celebrate birthdays believing it's displeasing to god. Along with birthdays, Jehovah’s Witness also don’t celebrate Christmas, Easter, and national holidays. 

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