Teen saved more than 8 people from suicide with the help of his heartfelt 'bridge notes'

Pedro Marrero
Sep 19, 2018
02:29 A.M.
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An act of kindness from a sweet teenager have saved the life of several people struggling with mental health problems.


Paige Hunter is an 18-year-old British girl who decided to leave inspiring notes hanging on a bridge in the city of Sunderland, where a large number of suicides are recorded daily.

A British teenager suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) knows what it is to sink into the abyss of despair. Hoping to help people facing suicidal thoughts, she began to leave motivational messages on the famous Wearmouth Bridge.

"When things got tough and I felt lonely, I went to the Wearmouth Bridge a couple of times and I felt that feeling and you think if you want to stay in this world or not, it's very scary," she said.


Thanks to their messages at least the lives of six people have been saved, reports the Northumbria County Police Department on their own website. Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa.


"Although there are difficult times, your life is important, you are a light that shines in a world of darkness, just for that reason," says one of the at least 40 messages that Hunter left on the Wearmouth bridge.


"Paige has shown incredible knowledge of vulnerable people who need support and is an innovative way to reach out to those in dark places," said the authorities, who emphasize their gratitude to the girl.


Gary Clarke, a teacher in Derry, have also attached dozens of uplifting messages to the Foyle Bridge in Londonderry for people struggling with mental health issues, saving the life of many people who went to the bridge without any hopes.


This story resembles one of a Toronto rail transport employee, named Attard, who saved a man that was attempting suicide.

Attard approached the man and started talking to him. He encouraged the man who was lying on the rails to get up and walk towards him. Then Attard put his arms around the man and hugged him.

The man opened up to Attard and told him he wanted to self-harm because he was facing problems in his relationship. Attard calmed the man down and got him to agree to leave the tracks.