Girl asks grandpa with Alzheimer’s to dance and he proved that age is just a number

It's never too late to take up dancing, as this 93-year-old grandfather shows when his granddaughter Rachel convinces him to dance with her. 

He has Alzheimer's Disease and Rachel has vowed to care from him during his autumn years. When they're not dancing together, she also cleans his apartment and cooks healthy meals for him. 

Their video was uploaded to Entergaactic's YouTube channel three years ago and have been viewed more than 163,000 times on one channel alone. Rachel's love for her grandfather is evident in the way she patiently teaches him the steps. 

She also reads to him regularly and the two love to spend time in the great outdoors on good days. They'd go for walks and take in the beauty of nature. Her grandfather doesn't allow Alzheimer's to stop him from living life to the fullest and grabbing it by the horns every single day. 

When they dance, it's clear from his smile that he enjoys every second he gets to spend with his loving and doting granddaughter. But before we show you their stellar performance, have you seen Nana Iris? She is taking the internet by storm too!

Nana Iris as she is known rose to fame recently when she partook in the Baby Shark challenge, which is similar to the Kiki Challenge in many ways. Both require one to dance next to a slow-moving car on the beat of a song. And Nana Iris didn't hold back!

She was dressed in her blue cardigan and a headband of questionable taste that makes this a performance for adult-eyes only. While she walks next to the car, Nanny Iris imitates a shark's jaw opening and closing, drawing lots of giggles and laughs from her grandson. 

Her video was shared on her YouTube channel back in August and had already been viewed more than 260,000 times in a matter of days! Netizens have taken to the comment section, commending the granny on her youthful spirit. 

Here are both videos. Who do you think gave the best performance: Rachel's grandfather, or Nana Iris? 



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