New nail 'corn' trend looks tasty

Nail Sunny, one of the most famous nail art chains in Russia, showcased yet another unique and surprising nail art trend.

The nail art chain from Russia took to Instagram to share a video of their latest trend of nail art in process, which involved polishing nails light yellow and adding corn seeds on top of them.

The surprising video even revealed a woman wearing the corn nail and eating the corns right off her nail.

In the caption to the video posted on Instagram, Nail Sunny asked the public opinion, stating, ‘Real corn nails - yay or nay?’

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The salon further joked, ‘…actually the model is pretending like she was eating corn. She [didn’t] eat them until the end. That was some action for camera and no one was harmed during the making of this video.’

Nail Sunny is one of the most creative nail salons in Russia that are proudly famous for their ludicrous design, according to Allure.

The team behind Nail Sunny told the source that they actually thrive off crazy ideas. “If you have some stupid idea, just tell us about that. We can make a super-cool design after that,” they told Allure.

In fact, their official Instagram account, @nail_sunny, is rife with such “stupid” and “super-cool” ideas. One needs only to scroll through their feed to check them out.

Only a month ago, Nail Sunny shocked the world with one another ludicrous nail art. The art involved making one’s fingernails look like the feet.

According to Clevver, the feet prepared from acrylic were used on the fingernails, which makes it seem like each finger has its own set of feet nails.

Nail Sunny also got themselves in a bit of a trouble for one of their designs back in August.

The team found themselves amid criticism of animal rights activists when they presented a unique nail ant that involved the use of live ants.

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