Face-planting Jack Russell goes absolutely crazy at dog show

Feb 01, 2019
01:46 P.M.
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Olly the 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier tumbled his way into instant fame at the Crufts pedigree dog show.


“My friend lives in Australia and she saw him on the news there, he’s everywhere.”

This unforgettable moment was captured camera on and the world immediately fell in love with this pooch.

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Crufts is known to hold dog shows for the prime breeds and have top-notch pooches performing their best to impress the judges. Olly's claim to fame was his face-planting moment during an agility jump which at the biggest dog show, went south, but captured the hearts of the crowd.

Olly had spent hours perfecting his craft in his training lessons and practically did his own thing before taking part in the show and was taking part in the rescue dog agility display to show how energetic and intelligent he was.

His owner, Karen Parker, says: “I didn’t think he could top last year’s performance, when he ran into the crowd rather than around the course. He’s like that all the time, he’s insane! One of the presenters showing the clip on TV news said, ‘We should all have a bit of Olly in us’ and I thought ‘I don’t think you need that!’


“He humped my foot, he completely ignored me and I thought ‘this is my naughty dog’! I love him so much.”

Olly is extremely active and the agility course only hinted at his abilities. He flawlessly weaved through the poles and perfected the performance but ran under a piece of equipment that should have been jumped over.

“Rescue dogs rock; they really do rock. Get them. Get them, get them, get them!



“Wrong way through. Oh well, doesn’t really matter, does it?!

He was so enthusiastic at attempting to conquer the A-frame, that he went flying over the top and caused the commentators to chuckle wholeheartedly at this unexpected nose dive and went skidding across the arena floor.

“Oh, what a nose dive! And he couldn’t care less. Here we go, wahey! That’s one of the best shots I’ve seen in a long time!” he added, laughing all the way through.

The vet immediately came to the rescue to give the little dog a checkup and the fans were relieved to hear that he was all clear and even got a nice relaxing head massage.




“He had such a great time,” says Karen. “We’re already looking forward to next year!”

That evening, Olly was rewarded with some tasty sardines and had won the heart of the nation with his enthusiasm and go-getter attitude.

Before Olly became famous, he didn't have the happy, fun-filled life he has today. He was an abandoned pup at the age of 6 weeks and was left inside a cat carrier outside the gates of Hertfordshire rehoming center near Kimpton. He was found and rushed inside to safety.



At 10 weeks old, he was adopted by Karen Parker. Who took him in and gave him a loving home. She'd lost her dog and was looking to add a new pet to the family. Read more about it here to view more on this adorable pooch.

Olly is one happy pooch and proves that rescue dogs are fun and full of life when given the chance to be part of a loving family. If you're a dog lover and enjoy watching professional dog show who host all breeds and include rescue dogs like Olly, then this is a treat for you.

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