These two men built a pool from scratch with their bare hands

Two guys from Singapore are taking the world by storm with their time-lapse videos on how to build homes, swimming pools, and ponds. 

They share the fruits of their labor on a YouTube channel called Primitive Survival Tool, and they have just over 2.5 million subscribers at the moment. 

One of the videos, shared by Daily Mail, showed how the build a large swimming pool with an island in a center and a bridge, all from scratch. 

Read more on our Twitter account, @amomama_usa. Their video can be viewed below. 

They don't use modern tools at all, and only use what they can find in nature, like rocks, stone, vines, mud, and clay. 

They start by outlining the shape of the pool on the ground before painstakingly digging the dirt out with pieces of bamboo.

Then, the create a cement mixture by collecting mud from a nearby river and mixing it was sand. THey cover the soil in the clay and leave it to dry. 

For this swimming pool, the island in the middle is shaped like the apple logo. They use leaves and fruit to taint and color the cement. 

Finally, it's time to fill the pool with water. They do this by making a make-shift dispenser out of bamboo and collect water from a nearby spring. 

They also built an underground home, complete with window and stairs, as well as a bamboo mat to sleep on. 

Another YouTube channel gaining a lot of traction online is Primitive Technology, and it's owned by a guy from Queensland Australia. 

He explains on his channel that he does not live in the wild but spends a lot of time camping and likes to experiment with new techniques. 

Through his silent videos, he teaches others how to make fire and cook on an open flame, how to make cement from wood ash, or how to make a bow and arrow. 

One of his most popular videos shows him building a 2m hut from scratch – from building to structure, to making the clay mixtures and curing it with fire. His hut even has a chimney.

Speaking of building things from scratch, this man from Idaho left his day job to build bunk beds for children in need. 

Using his daughter's bed as a template, he quickly manufactured more with the help of his friends and family. Read more here

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