September 25, 2018

Mother finds venomous snake inside baby daughter's crib

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A young mother got the scare of her life after finding a brown snake in her daughter's crib, where she had been sleeping an hour before.

Aleisha Mitchley, from Gold Coast, Australia, was shocked to see the reptile exploring little Sophie's room as it went over the plushies and furniture.

As reported by 9 News, the baby was very lucky because the snake was poisonous and it could have easily cost her her life.

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The one-meter snake was first spotted by Mitchley near the bedroom door; the mother-of-two was very scared as she watched the snake trying to find a way out.

Mitchley was shocked, but she had the presence of spirit not to panic and reached for her phone to call for help while trying to keep her son from going into the room.



The little boy, whose identity is yet to be revealed, was curious about the snake and wanted to see it but his mother didn't let him.

According to Mitchley, she was flabbergasted when she saw the snake climb into the crib and the window because she didn't know snakes were able to climb.



Help arrived and catchers managed to capture the snake without any issues.  Experts claim that snakes may currently be found around more urban areas due to their mating season.

Tony Harrison, the Gold Coast snake catcher who captured the snake, claimed that snakes won't let anything get in their way when they are looking for a mate.



This makes them fearless and causes them to cross roads and wander into people's homes. Recently, Mike Green, a man from North Carolina, found a snake inside his toilet but the discovery didn't surprise him.

According to him, it wasn't the first time that it happened since snakes tend to fit into tight and dark spaces, where they feel comfortable, and while going through the sewers they eventually find their way into someone's home.