September 26, 2018

After 12 years of marriage, Nicole Kidman made an emotional confession about her husband

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Actress Nicole Kidman shared a touching moment when her husband of 12 years, Keith Urban, helped her get through the loss of her father.

Despite being married for so long, the Australian couple has always remained strong in maintaining their relationship. One of the key factors that keep their marriage intact is that they are always there for each other through ups and downs.

In 2016, Kidman opened up about one of the toughest moments of her life, which was losing her father.

In a tell-all interview with “CBS This Morning,” she spoke about the death of her parent, Dr. Tony Kidman, in 2014.



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Kidman shared that Urban helped her cope with the loss. At the time, Urban postponed his commitments to be with his wife.

“When my father passed away I literally was down saying, ‘Please give me the strength just to be able to wake up tomorrow,’ because I was shattered beyond belief at that. I didn’t even know how to get up from it,” revealed Kidman.


Back then, Urban was scheduled to perform at his concert when he learned about the passing of Kidman’s father.

Kidman was reportedly “screaming” and “crying” on the phone at the time. During the interview, she shared how Urban dropped everything and “came right back” to be with her.


She said, “He walked offstage, and he got on a plane. He had just gotten there. He flew six hours, and he was right back. He literally picked me up and pretty much carried me through the next two weeks.”

Aside from Urban, their children, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret, also helped her deal with the grief.


“I also had my children going, ‘It’s going to be all right mama.’ It’s interesting the way children view things, because they’re like, ‘You’ve still got your mommy,'” shared the actress.

Kidman and Urban’s family seem to be very close, and it shows with the way they prioritize their family over their careers.

They always make sure to make time for one another, especially during the holidays.

In 2016, Urban shared how Christmas is a special time for them. He shared that they prefer to spend their holidays on the beach instead of embracing the traditional winter festivities.