September 23, 2018

Little boy motivates marathon runners with a Super Mario tap card

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A young boy became viral after he helped motivate marathon runners by making a Super Mario tap card.

The video of the adorable boy had been making the rounds all over social media, particularly on Facebook, as he can be seen trying to boost every runner’s spirit in his own little way.

In May 2018, during the HANOI Marathon in Pittsburgh, the boy stood by the side of the road holding a Super Mario “Tap Here to Power Up” card.

Runners can be seen tapping the cardboard as they ran past him.


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It’s only natural for runners to feel tired during the marathon. In an effort to keep their spirits burning, the little boy wearing a blue helmet did his part in motivating them.

His efforts were not put into waste as many of the runners took time to tap the cardboard he prepared for them.


Many online users found the video adorable that it had been shared on Facebook over 345,000 times and it has also reached more than 23 million views since it was uploaded.

Some users also took the time to gush over how cute the boy was in the comments section.


One user, Andrea Paola Cardona, wrote, “Cutest thing on the planet!!!! I love how he pushed it more out when nobody was coming to him.”

With all the disturbing issues circulating on social media lately, it is fun to see adorable videos like this once in a while.


Meanwhile, in India, a young boy from the slums became known as the world’s youngest marathon runner.

At the young age of five, Budhia Singh ran 65 kilometers from Puri to Bhubaneswar in seven hours and two minutes.

In 2011, BBC’s Gemma Atwal reported about his life years after he had been known as India’s marathon boy.