Puppy born without front legs was almost euthanized, but then a good Samaritan saved him

Nubby would have been put under had it not been for Lou Robinson and her husband Mark Bowlin taking him in. Born in January 2017, the pup had no idea that anything was even wrong with him. 

Like his siblings, the white boxer pup tried to reach some food so that he could nurture himself, the only thing he knew he must do.

 But his baby strength and the lack of two front limbs prevented him from doing so according to the Dodo,

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Robinson made it clear:

"He would have perished." 

The veterinarian recommended that Nubby be euthanized at only four hours old. Robinson, an animal rescuer based just outside Houston, Texas, would not allow that. 

"He came home with me." 

Robinson was willing to care for Nubby, but there were challenges to come. She and her husband learned specific precautions which had to be taken to keep the puppy alive. 

For instance, Nubby required an inclined angle when he was being bottle fed so that he wouldn't inhale the puppy formula and cause aspiration pneumonia. 

Nubby was thriving until four weeks into his journey. Then he started sneezing, lacked appetite, and wouldn't excrete. Additionally, he blew milk bubbles from his nose. 

According to Robinson, "He was going downhill." Try as they had to prevent it, Nubby's X-ray showed that he had developed pneumonia as well as an esophageal abnormality.

"He had a pocket form in his esophagus that was trapping his milk." 

Robinson, who founded Warriors Educate About Rescue (WEAR), said that Ruby fought through it. She added: "He wasn't giving up." 

After a week of heavy duty antibiotics and going into an oxygen chamber. Nubby could go home again.

In late 2017, Nubby started learning to walk with prosthetic wheels. 

"[He's] just like any other dog. The only difference is that he spends a lot of time upstairs in our house and there's a little bit of carrying him up and down the stairs." 

Source: YouTube/The Dodo

It's worth the price for such a loving pet. Nubby has his own Facebook page on which his owners regularly share photos and videos of the beloved dog and of his fellow pets. They have many fans who are touched by their heartwarming nature. 

Ultimately Bowlin and Robinson are eager for Nubby to grow up and be part of WEAR. He will help educate the public about animal rescue, pet treatment, and how to read pet behaviors. 

With Nubby, Robinson mostly wants people to learn that "Different is not disposable." 

A few months after
 Nubby was born, another pup came into the world with a similar handicap. Little Pippin was also born without his front legs. 

Thankfully, Orland's LovelyLoaves Special Needs Rescue and Sanctuary took him in at two months and he's doing exceptionally well. 

Meeply is another remarkable dog that had to pull through a devastating night after she was thrown out of a car like trash last year.

Alesha Brandt's daughter saw when it happened. She ran right over and scooped up the tiny pup. 

The vet later told them that the dog was suffering from an eye injury, was deaf in one area, and severely underweight. The injured eye was so bad, it would require removal.

They went through with the surgery and Meeply survived. Unfortunately, another injury meant that one of Meeply's legs would have to be removed. 

Against all odds: three legs, one eye, and one working ear, Meeply is now a happy 10-year-old. She's even developed a boss attitude according to her owner. 

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