Little bulldog steals people's hearts by surprisingly saying 3 important words like a human

Sep 27, 2018
06:24 A.M.
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This adorable bulldog caught the attention of many online users after he was heard mimicking his owner saying “I love you.”


As it turns out, birds are not the only ones that can repeat words coming from humans. This little pooch can, too!

In the video, the owner can be seen bonding with her pup in their home.

As if the dog wasn’t cute enough dressed in winter clothes, he became even more charming after he seemingly said the three words of affection.

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV


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The woman is seen playing with her dog as a man, who is potentially the woman’s partner, takes the video.

The dog happily responds with the cute sounds he makes as the woman gives him her full attention.

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV


By the end of the short clip, the owner utters “I love you” in a sort of baby talk manner. To her surprise, the dog responds by mimicking the sound she makes.

The woman was shocked and appeared to be overjoyed by what her dog did.

She repeated the words and the dog did the same thing as well.

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV


The man and the woman were very awed by their dog, and they both laughed until the end of the clip.

It seems that a lot of online users were amazed by the dog’s special talents as well since the video has reached over 13 million views on YouTube.

It just proves how adorable dogs can easily break the internet.

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV

Source: YouTube/ Waggle TV


On ShareTap, they revealed that while dogs are unable to talk, they can learn to copy human’s vocalizations.

The Scientific American explained, "Dogs vocalize with each other to convey emotions-and they express their emotions by varying their tones, he says. So it pays for dogs to be sensitive to different tones. Dogs are able to imitate humans as well as they do because they pick up on the differences in our tonal patterns."

Perhaps the bulldog knew that his owner was trying to convey a very special message and he wanted to say it right back.


Meanwhile, a study revealed by the Telegraph suggested that dogs can indeed talk to humans.

They supposedly have a way of making their owners understand what their howls, growls, and barks mean.

Presumably, dogs growl differently when they want to eat, play, or whatnot. The study explained that the pitch characteristics vary.

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