Woman starts giving birth in the water. Dolphins surround her and start 'assisting'

The dolphin-assisted delivery is an option that many women choose to bring their children to the world. According to specialists, it has its benefits, but also its risks.

The images of the incredible moment in which a woman delivers her baby in the water, with a dolphin that approaches and watches everything closely like a good nurse, can be the most beautiful thing you see today.

This is the video that shows the whole process, since the mother enters the water to wait for the exit of the uterus of her child to dilate, until the child is born and is slowly brought to the surface by a midwife, under the gaze of the dolphin that doesn’t lose any details.

When the baby breathes and dazed, he opens his eyes, while his mother watches him with an expression of peace crowned by a smile.

In the footage of 1 minute 35 seconds uploaded to YouTube by the user The First Eye, they don’t say where it was recorded or identify the woman who gives birth in the water accompanied by the animal, but according to a report by The Asian Parent, this has been a preferred trend among some couples for a while.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

The website reported that the "dolphin-assisted birth" became famous a few years ago, when news about the American couple Adam and Heather Barrington, who traveled to Hawaii to plan this type of birth, appeared on social media.

According to Time magazine, the Barringtons stayed at the Sirius Institute, which facilitates dolphin-assisted births and claims to have midwives with experience in helping with this method of delivery. They also affirm that these births are made with free dolphins in their natural habitat.

When asked why she had chosen such a unique way of giving birth, Heather said: "It's about reconnecting as humans with the dolphins so that we can live together in this world and learn from each other."




According to the Sirius Institute, Igor Tscharkofsy is one of the world pioneers of birth on water. 20 years after developing and confirming its benefits, Tscharkofsy began helping women to deliver their babies in the Black Sea with the dolphins that lived there.

The institution states that after these first cases of dolphin-assisted birth, some of the observations reported include a mother and baby playing with them within 45 minutes of birth, and a dolphin escorting a newborn baby to the surface to take his first breath.

The Sirius Institute notes that the research that has been carried out since 1976 has demonstrated the ability of dolphins to improve or heal a number of health conditions such as cerebral palsy, depression, autism and Down syndrome.

Source: Youtube/The First Eye

Source: Youtube/The First Eye

Children delivered in the water with dolphins reportedly develop faster, especially during the first 6 months of life. They can also weigh 150 grams more than other babies and are often ambidextrous.

The Sirius Institute also states that Hawaiians have practiced oceanic dolphin births for centuries, claiming that this form of birth is mild, with minimal trauma for both the mother and the baby.


However, the experts are cautious and agree that dolphins, like any other wild animal, can be unpredictable, dangerous and unreliable near a woman in childbirth or a newborn.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Di Bustamante, expert educator in doula and deliveries, and founder and international director of ParentLink, explained that birth in water is a very comfortable option for both mother and baby.

She noted that studies show that water births are safe when they are attended by trained providers of maternity care.

But Di's personal opinion is that wild animals should be left in their own environment, since it is impossible to anticipate how a wild animal, even one as intelligent as a dolphin, will respond to human interaction.

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Other research has shown that dolphin birth also comes with the additional risk of infection and drowning for both mother and baby. The sea and its creatures contain a large amount of potentially harmful bacteria and pathogens.

However, it is an increasingly sought-after option, although as with everything that involves health, those interested should be cautious and learn very well the pros and cons.

Dolphins are really smart animals and have a great protecting instinct, like this pod of dolphins that saved a whale mother and her calf from aggressively frisky male humpbacks.

The dolphins formed a protective circle around the mother and her child. One was even filmed flashing its teeth aggressively to prevent the male whales from sticking around.

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