Man devises sneaky plan to get his cat to stop waking him up, but the clever pet isn't bothered

A cat named Mulder taught his owner a valuable lesson: Can't don't care about rules, they will do what they want, when they want. 

Mulder would open his owner's bedroom door morning and wake the man up in the process. He eventually became tired of the cat ruining his mornings and came up with what he thought was a foolproof plan. 

The cat would jump up to the door handle and pull it down, opening the door in the process. His silly human thought that if he placed a tub of water directly in front of the door, Mulder would either wouldn't be able to reach the handle or would fall in the water and be dissuaded to try again. 

According to a theory posited by Animal Planet, a cat can retain memories indefinitely, and falling into a tub of cold water is not something Mulder, or any cat for that matter, would easily forget. In theory, the plan had to work, except Mulder was no ordinary cat. 

However, the tub of water proved no match for Mulder, the deftly jumped over it, grabbed onto the handle without landing in the water, and opened the door. His owner recorded the entire incident, and at some point, he can be heard saying to Mulder: "You scare me."

Before we share Mulder's antics with you, have seen the video of the Great Dane that freezes when a tiny kitten boops his nose? 

The dog, named Ronon, is a huge dog but didn't realize those big things can come in small packages too. The big dog clearly met his match when his owner brought own an itty bitty feisty kitten. Ronan was curious and investigated the little fluffball perched on the window sill. 

Unfortunately for Ronan, the tiny kitty wasn't in the mood to play and gave the Great Dane a slap on the nose. Instead of becoming aggressive as most dogs would, Ronan freezes. He sat straight up and only followed the kitten's movement with his eyes. 

It was only when his owner couldn't contain his laughter anymore that Ronan doesn't it would be best to swallow his shame and leave the room. 

Here are both videos. Which one do you like best?



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