Cat waits patiently at 12 o'clock each day to play a game with the mailman

Aug 20, 2018
05:38 A.M.
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The Baron waits patiently for the USPS mailman to drop off a letter at 12 every day to play his favorite game.


The cat's owners finally recorded the video and shared their cat’s exploits on YouTube on July 28, 2011.

The cat eagerly waits for noon every day so he can do one of his favorite things and it has nothing to do with a treat.

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The Baron’s actions have been spreading laughter on the internet. The owners decided to capture his antics on camera and share it with the world to see.

The cat is aware of how things will pan out when he hears the noise at the door – it is time the mailman delivers the mail.


He runs to the door to play his favorite game. He snatches the mail and dashes away from the door with his trophy.

However, another cat named Jasmin does not like the mail carriers. When she hears the sound of the mailbox opening and closing, she is ready to pounce, the New York Post reported.


Debra Anderson had this unique experience when she delivers mail to the house in Hamilton, Ontario. Jasmin follows her from behind a giant window and pounces on her if she gets too close.

The mail carrier does not seem to mind the attention she gets through the cat goes berserk and begins hissing.

“I think it’s absolutely hilarious. Jasmin loves the attention I give her. Her owner told me that she waits for me to come to the house every day. As soon as I leave, she goes back to her cuddly self,” according to the New York Post.

Anderson decided to record the kitten’s reaction as it was over the top. She felt that nobody would believe her if she said the adorable cat would pounce on seeing her.


The employee of Canada Post, who has been bitten by a dog on the job once, said the reaction of the feline made her laugh every time she came across her.

She was the highlight of her route, and she made it a point to visit the cat even when she was on a different route.


Some cats try to show that they are bullies, like the one in a 21-second-long video. The cat seems to be harassing a group of sheep in their den.

The cat perhaps things that he owns the place sneering at the mother sheep and even bares his teeth in an attempt to scare the sheep. He then violently paws the sheep’s head.

The sheep, who has had enough by then, pushes the cat off the wooden platform with her head. Thrown to the ground, the cat runs away after it has tasted the sheep’s revenge.

However, it seems that some cats share a sweet bond with the little humans. The video begins with a cat cuddling a sleeping baby in bed.

In another clip, a cat is standing and raising its paws up mimic the excited baby in front of it. Another baby in his diapers is playing with a white cat in bed.

The viral video has been viewed over 44 million times and has been shared over a million times.

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