Compilation video shows babies with their cats

Rebelander Basilan
May 19, 2018
12:56 A.M.
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Cats and babies get along pretty well.


A video posted by NTD Funniest's Facebook page shows the extraordinary bond between toddlers and kitties.

Short clips show cats and babies having fun together or sleeping side-by-side - each clip proving that cats can also be man's best friend.

The adorable Facebook video begins with a cat snuggling a sleeping baby in bed. Another clip shows a cat standing and raising his paws up as if to mimic the excited baby with him.

In another clip, a baby in his diaper plays with a white cat in bed. At one point, the adorable baby rests his head on the cat's back.


An orange-and-white clip in another clip tries his best to gently paw his baby companion's shoulder. In the end, he rubs his head on the baby's shoulders.


In yet another adorable video, a cat pushes a toy close to a baby struggling to reach it. A fluffy cat licks a tired baby's foot in another clip.

Another cute moment is a cat snuggling a baby boy in his stroller.

In each video, you can see how a cat tenderly behaves around a baby.

The two-minute video ends with a cat gently tapping a sleeping child's leg.

The viral video has been viewed 41 million times. It has also been shared 973,000 times. It also generated 829,000 reactions.

Netizens also barraged the video with tens of thousands of comments.


'I was luck to grow up with cats from the time I was born. Spent 18 years of my life with the cat in this photograph. He was the best that anyone could ask for. Incredibly gentle and affectionate,' commented Nicole Fair.

Other Facebook users also shared photos of their babies and cats.

Sara Spears commented: 'I was nursing my daughter and the cat decided she wanted to cuddle. They both woke up at the same time too. We love our cats!"