Cat's reaction after his owner fell to the floor and 'died'

Cat-owner Cory put his two cats, Loki and Sparta, to the test: he wanted to see how they would react if he "died" suddenly. 

Cory's fanbase is already familiar with Sparta, his 10-year-old Bengali-mix cat which he adoped seven years ago. Sparta's nickname might be The Mean Kitty, but he is a loving and caring cat according to his owner. 

Cory staged his "death" by clutching his chest and gasping for breath while dropping to his knees to give the illusion that he was having a heart attack. Loki was sitting on the staircase at the time and didn't pay much attention to his pretend-dead owner sprawled out on the floor. 

Sparta, on the other hand, could be heard meowing from around the corner. He walked up to Cory and investigated the "body" while still meowing. He then tried to nudge at Corey's hand meowed again when his human didn't respond. Much to Cory's chagrin, Sparta then walked off. 

He sprawled his lean body out on the floor and rolled onto his side as if he was getting ready for a map. Cory lifts his head, look at Sparta and says, "Really, dude?" before looking at the camera in dismay. 

Before we share the adorable video clip with you, allow us to introduce Mulder the Cat. He had a pesky habit of opening his owner's door every morning and waking him up in the process. 

His owner came up with the perfect plan to keep Mulder out of the room: he placed a bowl of water outside the door and hoped that Mulder would either be unable to reach the door or that he would fall into the water and be dissuaded from trying again. 

But Mulder didn't give up that easily. Where there's a will, there's a way and he soon found it. Instead of just jumping straight up and grabbing the door handle, Mulder jumped from the side. He hung onto the handle without dropping into the container and very skillfully opened the door. 

His owner recorded the entire incident and shared Mulder's antics on YouTube. At one point during the video, he can be heard saying to Mulder: "You scare me."

Here are both videos. Which one do you like the most?



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