Woman falsifies pregnancy for 9 months and then claims gangsters cut the baby from her womb

A rather bizzare case has occured in Columbia. A woman has faked pregancy and kidnapping to get her husband's attention. 

37 year-old Antenola Milena Padilla has gone to extreme lengths to capture the attention of her spouse, and convince him to stay committed to her. Milena Padilla reportedly shaped a pregant belly from cushions for 9 months, and forged documents to present ultra sound results which she downloaded from the internet. In addition to the cushions rags were used to succesfully convince her husband and family of her pregancy. 

Milena Padilla was able to keep up the act until the suposed date she was scheduled to give birth to the mystry baby. This is where the plot thickened as there was in fact no baby to give birth to and she would have to give an account for her actions. 


Mrs. Padilla added to her story by claiming that she was kidnapped by a gang who cut the unborn child from her womb. On the day in question, Saturday, September 22, the Northern Columbian left home reporting for a C-Section to be administered at a near by hospital.


In Padilla's play by play of the kidnapping she reported that the gang pulled her into a red van after which she was drugged, all of which occured after 10:00 am when she left home. The story continues as she reported that at 7 pm she regained concsiousness and realised she was at a supermarket. It was then that she also realised  that she was no longer preganant. Her conclusion to this revelation was that she had been abducted by members of the organ trafficking gang who removed her unborn child in an attempt to sell its body parts. 


At this point she called her husband and told him of her ordeal and her family spared no time in escorting her to the Nino Jesus de Soledad hospital for medical checks. This was done without her consent. The local police was then involved by members of the medical staff. This resulted in a man hunt for the alledged gang abductors. 


It didn't take long for the police to realise that Padilla's story did not add up as test results from the hospital indcated that she was not pregant and there was no evidence she had been cut by a knife or sharp object. 


Padilla fled the hospital in the early morning hours on September 23. 

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