October 01, 2018

Willie Nelson's handsome son performs father's hit song and it's pure gold

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For Willie Nelson’s 85th birthday, his son, Lukas Nelson, decided to do a cover of one of his hit songs at LAX.

In a video posted in April, Lukas can be seen strumming the guitar and singing his rendition of his father’s classic hit, “Bloody Mary Morning.”

Lukas was at the airport and headed to Indio, California to play at the Stagecoach Music Festival at the time.

Perhaps while waiting for his ride to come and pick him up, Lukas killed time by making a tribute performance for Willie.


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Posting the video on his Facebook page, Lukas wrote, “I would like to wish a very happy 85th birthday to my dad, Willie Nelson with this special LAX rendition of “Bloody Mary Morning” as we head down to Stagecoach Festival for our Sunday set.”

The impromptu performance showed how Lukas has grown up to become much like his father.


It’s safe to say that Lukas truly idolizes Willie, not only as a musician but as his father.

The song “Bloody Mary Morning” was first released in 1970 with RCA Records and was included on Willie’s album called “Both Sides Now.”


According to Classic Country Music, Willie was inspired to write the hit song following his experience on becoming a better parent.

Two years later, Willie performed the song at a party in Nashville where he impressed the vice president of Atlantic Records.


He was then offered a record deal right after his performance.

Seeing as his career under RCA Records was becoming stagnant, Willie accepted the deal.

Later on, Willie re-released the song under his concept album called “Phases and Stages.” In 1974, the new version reached number 17 on the Country Singles chart.

As for Lukas, although he is said to be much like his father, he has his own style.

Along with his band, Promise of the Real, Lukas’s career is thriving as they have already been a band for over ten years.