Remember how 'AGT' became a spit show between Mel B & Howie Mandel?

On Tuesday season 13 of 'America’s Got Talent' premiered on NBC. Matters got strange when the group La Fontane Umane from Denver Colorado came on stage, bringing waterworks.

This four-member comedy group features a realtor, an investment banker, a podcaster and advertising guru and they are human fountains. They chose Il Divo’s rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ for their act.

Source: YouTube/Talent Recap

Source: YouTube/Talent Recap

They were off to a slow start as the song began but then the opening line prompted the performers to look up, and out of their mouths, a steady stream of spit releases, like a living water fountain. Their hydro moves synchronized and taking sips out of their water bottles then spray it out their mouths while dancing around.

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The act finishes and while Simon Cowell is expressing his discontent much to the other judges’ dismay Howie Mandel, after taking a sip of his beverage, spits a fountain out over Mel B’s side. Mel B returns the favor, spraying liquid all over his head. The show took a break before continuing for Howie Mandel to go shower.

Despite all the commotion, they got voted through to the ‘Judges Cuts’ round.

Seemingly the season for firsts, another act stood out. That of two cat trainers and their Ukrainian Roaming Cat Circus. With their well-trained Savitsky cats the performance gets more intriguing once you see what all these cats can do. The two women lead them through a series of tricks, leaving the audience amazed.

America’s Got Talent provided us 13 seasons’ worth of entertainment providing acts ranging from stunts, comedy, magic, dancing, singing, and many others. The show has kick-started many careers, opening a new world for many.

The show has been a rating success for NBC, with a viewer average of around 10 million per season.

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