Beautiful grandma bride goes viral for photos of her getting married at age 86

Beautiful bride goes viral for getting married at the age of 86. The bride was a former beauty pageant winner and model but grew old not knowing what true love was.

86-year-old Millie Taylor-Morrison and Harold Morrison from New Jersey has just proved it’s never too old to fall in love. The two have known each other for over six decades and only tied the knot during their older years.

Millie was once married to a man, before he died in 1992. In fact, Harold was present at her first wedding. However, since then, she did not try looking for love. Millie shared:

“I used to sing in the choir and Harold attended my church. I would be standing with the other choir members, waiting to walk out and he would come over and kiss me on the cheek before sitting down for the service. Then when I got married [to my first husband], the whole church was invited and Harold was there.”

When Harold got sick, Millie asked if he would like to stay in her house instead of a nursing home, which he agreed to. One year later, Harold got better, but Millie could no longer keep him in her house. She felt it was wrong to keep a grown woman in her house while she had granddaughters and grandsons. 

“I love him, but I can’t have him living in my house… I have granddaughters and grandsons. I’m a Christian woman and I want to live a Christian life. We decided that even though we were in our twilight years, we wanted to be pleasing in God’s eyes.”

A relative of Millie, Instagram user “@vintageblackglamour” shared a photo with a background story of a beautiful bride at the age of 86. It shared how her aunt Mildred Taylor, who became a "blushing bride" at 86-years-old. 

Now, the two lovebirds are living together peacefully, and without judgment from God or anyone, given that they are married. 

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