Young girls is forced by teachers to wear blood-stained clothes after having her first period

Rodolfo Vieira
Oct 01, 2018
03:03 P.M.
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An 11-year-old girl was forced by her teachers to sit in blood-soaked clothing after having her first period while in class.


The teachers at Hastings Academy, East Sussex, who are all yet to be identified, refused to let the young woman use the bathroom because she didn't have a toilet pass.

As reported by the Mirror, the schoolgirl was left anxious and humiliated for having to spend the entire day with blood all over her clothes.

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When her mother, whose identity hasn't been revealed in order to protect her daughter, learn of what happened at school, she was furious.

Now, the angered mother is slamming Hastings Academy, as well as its staff, not only for the incident but for also for not acknowledging her daughter's natural predicament sooner.



According to a spokesman for the University of Brighton Academies Trust, which is responsible for running Hastings Academy, the institution implemented the toilet pass to avoid the abuse of bathroom breaks.

Students would often ask to go to the bathroom during lessons and the toilet pass has been quite successful when it comes to countering the issue.


When the little girl had her period, teachers asked her for a toilet pass, but the pass can only be obtained with a doctor's note, which costs almost $20.

The distraught girl was eventually given a pass, two days after the incident, but her mother still accused the school of punishing her child for something that happens naturally and she has no control over.



But these teachers are not the only ones in need of a good lesson in good manners and common sense; recently, a teacher from Nutter Fort Primary School was slammed after taking the microphone away from a boy with autism.

The incident took place during the school's Thanksgiving play, and every child in it had the opportunity to say something. As soon as the boy stepped up to talk, the teacher rudely cut him off, causing him to cry in front of everyone.