Guy who parked in two spaces at the same time was punished by 2 huge Jeep owners

Rodolfo Vieira
Oct 03, 2018
11:09 A.M.
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Two men decided to revenge on a rude driver who occupied two parking spots by parking their huge jeeps on both sides of his car.


The incident took place in Oregon, U.S.A, and while some people thought it was a mean thing to do, others believed that justice was served.

The owners of the jeeps, whose names are yet to be revealed, filmed the ordeal and uploaded the video to Youtube, where it has been seen by thousands of people.

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Source: Danni Lee



There are several things that annoy people when it comes to carparks: abandoned shopping carts, drivers stealing each other's spots and even the small cars that create the illusion of a free space. 

But occupying two spots is probably the most hated one; the men on the video found the perfect way to make the owner of a red Mercedes regret his decision.



Upon arriving at the car park, two men notice the Mercedes wrongly parked, so they put their heads together and came up with a plan to teach its driver a lesson.

They parked their jeeps as closely as possible to the Mercedes without touching it and waited for the owner of the car to appear, and when he did, he lost his mind.

Source: Danni Lee



The man, who can be seen wearing a black and gray hoodie, desperately tried to enter the car but couldn't open its doors. After frustratingly waving his arms and kicking the jeeps' huge tires, the man figured it out.

He opened the trunk and squeezed himself into the vehicle, with his legs dangling in the hair like a cartoon before he managed to back up and leave the carpark.



While the owners of the video claim it as genuine, some people believe that it was staged and that the driver of the Mercedes can be seen sitting in the curb while the jeeps are being parked.

Although this was more a revenge move, it can also be seen as karma, which also came through when a Brazilian woman, who is yet to be named, tried to take money from a cash register while the store owner was distracted.

In the video, the woman is seen opening the cash register and getting her hand caught in a mouse trap set up to catch the criminal in the act. It was very effective since the thief didn't manage to steal anything; plus, the video and sooner or later the woman will be recognized.