October 01, 2018

Adorable moment of man on subway letting little boy play on his phone went viral

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A video gone viral posted on Facebook showed “faith in humanity restored” on the New York subway. A man let a little boy seated beside him play with his phone after he kept looking at the game the man was playing. 

A social media user captioned a small but adorable act a man did for a little boy on the subway. Facebook user Kia Tatiyana Davis posted a 3-series video of a man seated beside a little boy on the New York subway.


During the trip, a man in a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers had his earphones on and was playing with his phone, as one usually is on the subway. Beside him was a little boy who was watching the man play on his phone while he murmurs what seemed to be advice. Upon noticing this, the man gave the little boy a quick then gave his phone so he could play the game instead. The little kid was very eager and started playing the game immediately. 


The video gained over 4 million views and thousands of comments commending the unknown man. Facebook users also gave notice that the kid was of colored skin, while the man was white. James Kart commented:

“I would give it to every kid because I love them culture kicks after socialization process, skin color doesn’t matter.”

Source: Facebook / Kia Tatiyana Davis


Two other users commented on how the act of the man was very kind; Michelle McKoy said,

“That was very nice of him w we still have good people in this world” while Lucinda Ortiz said, “It’s good to see people showing compassion, love, caring, for it has no color, God Bless him whoever he is, I pray that the love will spread.”

Although good things happen in New York, it is least expected to happen in the subway where everyone is either in a rush or minding their own business. This man, however, proved us wrong and showed that small acts of kindness are still noticed and appreciated by others.