Bear bursts out of a car window, walks into the kitchen, and helps himself to muffin mix (video)

Oct 02, 2018
08:08 A.M.

Do bears eat muffin mix? At about 2:30 pm, Sunday afternoon Nicole Minkin Lissenden and her husband received a visit from a nearby bear.


Alerted by a neighbor, about their open car door and the mess that was caused by what seemed to have been garbage from the vehicle, Nicole Minkin Lissenden decided to check on the vehicle. Upon her approach she noticed the opened door, however, she didn’t immediately notice the prowler that was inside the car.

“I certainly didn’t think it was in the car, so I closed the door at that point and went back inside.”

After about half an hour, upon returning to her car to retrieve an item, Nicole Lissenden noticed the bear who had made residence there.


“About 30 minutes later, I went back out to get something out of the car, and i noticed all the windows were fogged up and there were paw prints on the window.”


Did she make an alarm? Lissenden alerted her husband, Alex, who along with their neighbor, Buster Brown, tried to untrap the bear, who was locked in the car as a result of Nicole closing the door when she first went outside. Animal services were also called.


“The bear was getting more and more upset and and thrashing around a lot, and that set off the alarm and started honking the horn.”

How was the bear going to come out of the car? The sliding door was damaged as a result of the thrashing it received from the bear. This prevented Alex from using the remote control to open it. As a consequence, both Alex and his neighbor had to try opening the door manually. Their efforts proved futile as the bear closed the door each time they opened it.


The black bear eventually managed to crack and break the window on the driver’s side and made an exit. The damage done to the inside of the vehicle was significant, however, that was not the end of the story as he paid a visit to the Browns and took a snack before heading off.

“The bear went into our house and into our kitchen. He went through three drawers and then pulled out some muffin mix. Then he went to the garage to eat.”


Buster Brown and his wife managed to send the bear off with a yell.

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