Woman spreads positivity as she gives homeless people free makeovers

Shirley Raines spreads positivity and promotes kindness through simple acts such as spending time giving homeless people free makeovers. Shirley proves that the saying "faith in humanity restored" is still applicable worldwide due to generous people like her. 

Shirley Raines has been warming the hearts of many with her Instagram posts of the great deeds she has been doing and her call to people to do the same. Shirley’s Instagram, @beauty2thestreetz has been an avenue for her to promote and share acts of kindness to homeless people. She makes homeless people feel beautiful by giving them makeovers, and of course, giving them meals. 

In one post, she shares a photo of herself with a woman, with the caption:

“This is why I started. This is Toya...1st person to get eyelashes from me...it was Toya who complimented me for months and made me realize makeup and hair was important to the homeless. She kissed me on my cheek almost 1 year ago when she got housing and said goodbye...thanked me for my kindness. I miss her! Last I heard she's doing well. Toya was beaten with sticks, burned out of her tent and suffered other abuse...she is safe now Love u Toya!”

In another, she shared a photo of her giving a woman a makeover. It was captioned, “She was so hungry she ate while I did her hair.” Due to her unique way of helping homeless people, many people have joined her in her cause by donating money to support it. Since going viral, it's been much easier for her to purchase more goods to donate to the homeless while she styles their hair. Of course, she made sure to dedicate a heartwarming message for those who have been so willing to help. 

“Thxs to ur donations I can feed the homeless for the next 2 weeks…I have no words to thank you for the kindness you’ve shown to people u never met. Thx u all.”

Shirley has been spending her time feeding and giving free makeovers to people on Skid Row, L.A. – an area with many homeless people. She provides them with haircuts, hair dye, manicure, and other forms of services. She has been helping a lot of people be positive, and see beauty in themselves. Moreover, she has been giving people high spirits, which they often need, given their situation. Shirley is the epitome of the saying “faith in humanity restored” and we should all aspire to have a heart as kind and wonderful as hers.

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