'The Voice' coaches almost fight over a contestant for his amazing rendition of a B.B. King song

Young Michael Lee came on the stage at The Voice capturing the souls of every listener as he powered through an old classic B.B. King song ‘The Thrill Is Gone.’

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Michael Lee grew up around blues music and spent much of his earlier years in blues clubs watching and ‘receiving an ivy league education’ as Lee refers to it.

The thrill was everything but gone as he began singing the song from his favorite artist, B.B. King. Pouring his soul into his rendition of the song with a deep powerful tone roaring the song to life.

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Of the four judges, three ended up wanting Lee on their respective teams. Adam Levine was the first to hit the red button. Impressed by his guitar playing skills and soul-piercing sound winning Levine over early on.

Jennifer Hudson was blown away by his performance and the second judge to turn, and literally throwing her shoe on stage in symbolism. Blake Shelton was the last to press his red button just as the song ended.

The three judges fought it out over light banter but the judge that Lee chose, in the end, was Blake Shelton, elated with his new team member after a performance that did the soulful music of B.B. King proud.

Another incredible rendition of a B.B. King classic ‘Every day I Have The Blues’ sung by no other than a blind 10-year-old boy while playing his guitar.

Blind Felix De St-Hilaire from Quebec performed for children and adults at a summer camp for the blind, after filming Felix’s performance the camp director posted it on Facebook. Within 3 days it already had 90,000 shares. With soulful voices, Felix and Lee keep the spirit of blues alive.

Source: YouTube/Fondation des Aveugles du Québec

Source: YouTube/Fondation des Aveugles du Québec

For this reason, one moment during Lee’s audition did not go by unnoticed. It is not every day that a judge throws a shoe at you, so when Jennifer Hudson took off her boot and threw it on stage as Lee was performing it had a special meaning. The mark of respect and admiration she showed him as an artist is a big compliment coming from such an accomplished artist such as herself.

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