Woman cries over boyfriend lying 'lifeless' on the ground, then he gets up on one knee

Shiela Parayanon went from tears of horror and sadness to tears of joy without a break in between as her boyfriend's unique proposal sent her through an emotional roller coaster. 

Jeffrey Delrio, 30, came up with the bizarre idea to fake his own death before proposing to girlfriend Parayanon. The terrifying incident was captured on camera and is found below.

In the clip, Parayanon approached her boyfriend's lifeless body which lay in the middle of a South Cotabato road in the Philippines. A traffic officer awaited nearby and warned Parayanon to prepare for the worst as she got closer according to the Daily Mail.

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Source: YouTube/ AllVideoKingdom AVK

Source: YouTube/ AllVideoKingdom AVK

Parayanon broke down when she reached Delrio, lying "lifeless" on the road. Then two other officers, all in on the elaborate plan, turned him over.

That's when Delrio slowly got up on one knee and pulled out a red box with an engagement ring from his pocket.

Source: YouTube/ AllVideoKingdom AVK

Source: YouTube/ AllVideoKingdom AVK


A relieved Parayanon buried her face in another woman's shoulders and continued to cry. Delrio stood up and hugged her before going down again on one knee and proposing once more. 

She said yes. But not before giving Delrio a playful slap for coming up with such a distressful proposal. The crowd cheered them on. 

Source: YouTube/ AllVideoKingdom AVK

Source: YouTube/ AllVideoKingdom AVK

Mark Apura, a friend of the couple, said the proposal was "romantic" and "unusual." 

"People keep thinking of strange ways to make marriage proposals. Jeffrey looked like he was very badly injured but then came alive when his girlfriend was there."

He said that the two were "both full of love" after the event and that he himself was "happy to help spread the love." 

Source: YouTube/ AllVideoKingdom AVK

Another arguably disturbing proposal was done by Brett Stidham, who ended up in a jumpsuit and shackles in order to propose to his probation officer girlfriend. 

Stidham devised a scheme that rode on the job of his girlfriend, Tiffany Allison. She worked as a house arrest coordinator for Justice Network in Desoto County, Mississippi. 

When she got into work on August 15, 2018, right away some officers brought in Stidham as a "defendant." Allison was in shock at the sight.

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

When Stidham said he was guilty, Allison was even more confused. Then Stidham added: 

"I'm guilty of being madly in love with the girl of my dreams. She's my best friend, I'll forever be in love with her."

Allison was then called to go by the judge where Stidham got on one knee and proposed by saying, "I'm ready for my life sentence baby." 

And just this past summer, one proposal was made sweeter than ever with the use of some ice cream. 

Angelo Orlando made a special request to Ben & Jerrys to print a mock label on a tub of ice cream for him. 

As he and his girlfriend, Kelly Becker, stood in front of the freezer, he pulled out a container labeled "Marry Me Mint" and asked Becker if she'd seen it before. 

Source: YouTube/ Inside Edition

Speechless, Becker watched as her boyfriend got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes. 

Two months later, the newly engaged couple were invited for a  visit to the company's Waterbury factory where they saw how their favorite ice cream was made.

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