Jeannie Mai, 39, shows off weight gain in skimpy shorts and jacket with black boots in pic

The last few months have been life-changing for Jeannie Mai, who used her divorce from her husband as a reason to take care of herself better and become a much healthier version of herself. 

Now, she is enjoying the fruits of her labor and has been flaunting her weight gain both on social media and n her talk show, "The Real". 

Jeannie took her divorce quite hard, and that caused her not to eat, have unhealthy sleeping habits, and even finding other ways to make herself thinner. However, the 39-year-old soon realized that what she was doing to herself was wrong, and so she started to take action. 

“It was a lot of over-control. I was eating — if you were my friend and you hung out with me, you would see me just normally eating my food — but there was a level of control to it that I knew if I woke up the next day and weighed myself and I was over 103 [pounds], I would scale it back and make sure that I didn’t creep one ounce over that weight.”

For the past 12 years, which spans her entire career in the entertainment industry, Mai shares how she was consistently 103 pounds for those past 12 years. 

“When you’re in Hollywood, at the time, being thinner is just something … it’s almost like the unachievable thing.”

Now, however, she realizes that she does not have to sacrifice her health in order to please those around her. In fact, after realizing that she wasn't supposed to follow a particular stigma that runs on diets and no-carbs, she started to eat much better, exercise more often, and have enough amount of sleep every day. 

“Everywhere you go somebody is on a diet. Everywhere you go in L.A. there is a no-carb option. I stayed at that weight because it’s what I thought I should be because I’m already small and I also lost a lot of weight since high school. I used to be a not-healthy 130-lb. girl, all in my stomach, all in my arms so I lost the weight and I stayed there then I became a control freak about the way I was eating and it just became the norm.”

Jeannie has now gained 17 pounds since she first started trying to gain weight, and the results are wonderful. While still maintaining her slim physique, she has added a bit of body weight making her look fuller and much healthier. 

A few days ago, she shared a photo flaunting her slender legs in patent boots, tight shorts, and a printed top, which showed that not only has she added a bit of weight on her thighs to make them look stronger and healthier but the shape of her face has also been much rounder than usual, which is a good sign of weight gain. 

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