Owner shames cute poodle wearing yellow gloves, and the dog’s guilty reaction goes viral

A video from China went viral because of s strange human-like dog. The video shows a chocolate colored poodle standing on its hind legs looking guilty.

A hand is seen in the clip and appears to be scolding the pet. Internet users have been left confused by the strange animal.

Video footage showed an adorable poodle that has a human-like face and emotions. The poodle is seen standing on its hind legs against bags of dog food in a pet shop in China.

What makes it even stranger is that the poodle is wearing striped glove socks on all four of its paws. It’s standing straight up like a human being.

For more on this story go to our Twitter account @amomama_usa. The video shows the dog guiltily looking around at the store as people can be heard speaking.

Someone’s hand appears and is pointed at the sad looking canine. Some people have speculated that the animal is a toy poodle.

Another viral sensation was Denver the Guilty Dog. Denver became a YouTube and social media star after her owners posted a video of her grinning after being caught eating cat treats.

Source: YouTube/BestVideos

Source: YouTube/BestVideos


The dog, which died in February, also had its own children's book called “The Adventures of Denver the Guilty Dog.” Denver even appeared on many television shows.

Source: YouTube/BestVideos

Source: YouTube/BestVideos

She was seen on “Good Morning America” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” just to name a few. Her family said they were forever grateful for the love and support she had received from fans and friends.

Another dog making the rounds on social media is Ettore. His owner, Anthony Federica Granai, wasn’t happy with the pet because he’d been naughty.

What he exactly did was a mystery. However, the video shows Granai scolding Ettore while sitting on a couch with the dog in front of him.

As the owner continues scolding the guilty looking dog he gets up and sits on him while pushing his head against Granai’s chest. The canine continues trying to apologize while its owner refuses to yield.

After several “I’m sorry's” and a pleading paw or two, the owner accepts the apology and hugs Ettore tightly.

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