Little dog meets newborn for the first time and its reactions quickly goes viral

A Chihuahua's excitement to meet her four-day-old human sibling Nicholas, was so visible when the father bent down holding the baby for her to see. 

World News & Analysis shared little Quica's reaction on April 27, 2018, on their YouTube channel and it shows the pet wagging her tail, seemingly thrilled to meet baby Nicholas. 

The beautiful moment was captured on camera by Yvonne Walsh, the baby's mother, in their home in Dublin, Ireland, when she and her husband, Eddie, concluded that they had to film the first interaction between them.

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The four-day-old baby's father was holding him and lowered him to the ground, and the Chihuahua immediately laid down on the floor, yielding herself to Nicholas. 

The adorable dog's reaction was so sweet that when it lay down, there was an “aww” sound heard behind the camera. 

Source: YouTube / World News & Analysis

Source: YouTube / World News & Analysis

The tiny dog got up and sat for a few seconds, wagging its tail and then flung herself to the floor again. 

According to the Daily Mail, Walsh said that she and Eddie wanted to capture the meeting between them because the pet dog had been cautious with the mother's baby bump, making sure that it was safe.

"We decided to record the moment Quica and Nicholas met because Quica had been very protective of my bump when I was pregnant. When my husband, Eddie, used to touch my bump, Quica would try to protect the bump and would snap at Eddie to get his hand away.”

Yvonne Walsh, Daily Mail, April 5, 2018.

Source: YouTube / World News & Analysis

Source: YouTube / World News & Analysis

In the video, Quica seems to have welcomed baby Nicholas as the new member of her family as she seems awed by the newborn.

The new mother mentioned that the little dog is very tender towards the baby and shows motherly instincts even though she was spayed.

Quica's brother, Jose, on the other hand, remained a little cautious towards the baby, Welsh added.  

Source: YouTube / World News & Analysis

Source: YouTube / World News & Analysis

Young couples who are about to have a baby, often wonder if their pet dog would be able to adjust to the change in the family dynamics and as seen in most cases, the dogs prove to be loyal pets and welcome the tiny member of the family with love.

Some dogs take it up a notch and can form a special bond with his or her human brother or sister, like the dog in this video shared on YouTube on October 9, 2010.

When the baby begins to let out a few cries, the gentle dog responds by howling which immediately makes the baby stop crying.

The smart dog figures out a way to stop the babies cries and repeats the process when the baby cries for a second time.

When residents of a busy LA neighborhood noticed a scared looking stray dog, they contacted rescuers from the Hope for Paws foundation to help the dog, as they feared it would get hit by one of the moving vehicles on the road.

The footage of the rescue was uploaded by Hope for Paws on YouTube in July 2018, that showed volunteers, JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Arturo, show up and take the frightened away.

When the volunteers arrived, the dog was hidden in the yard of one of the houses and scared to even look at the women. But after a lot of effort, they were able to carry the dog safely and put him in the car.

They took him to the vet and got him all cleaned up and checked out. The rescuers then found him a foster home, where Hans Solo was delighted to be.

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