This viral video of Mariah Carey sitting on an 'invisible chair' left people baffled

A video of Mariah Carey sitting on an apparently invisible chair while signing autographs is astounding her fans.

The clip, which was filmed in December 2017 shows Mariah Carey, 48, sitting near the edge of the stage signing autographs during a Christmas Special.

The big surprise is when the Diva of Pop stands up and fans suddenly realize that there is no chair. The video was posted on Twitter/dedicatedtomimi has raised speculation to a fever pitch and been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.


"I'm convinced that Mariah Carey gets special powers during the holiday season. "


The incident occurred at the AHF World AIDS Day concert on November 30, 2018, and the hot debate is whether Carey is a Chrismas Angel and has special powers at this time of the year, or has supernaturally strong thigh muscles.

Carey, who has a fan base of 20 million fans on her Twitter account, @MariahCarey, calls her followers Lambily.- a coninatgion of lamb and family.


Christmas is a time of the year when Carey feels particularly close to her fans. The Diva's hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You," was released in 1994, and is the most popular Christmas song of all time.


Carey certainly needed her Lambily's love and support as her engagement to James Packer, an Australian billionaire came to an abrupt end. The reasons for the breakup remain private but gossips hint at overspending on Carey's part or instability in Parker's who admitted: 

“I was at a low point in my personal life. Documenting the negotiations with my sister was taking longer than expected. She was kind, exciting and fun. Mariah is a woman of substance. But it was a mistake for her and a mistake for me.”



The end of the relationship was painful for Carey, and costly for Packer who dished out undisclosed millions in a settlement to the Diva. Carey kept her engagement ring which is said to have cost Packer over $10 million.


In April 2018 Carey revealed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2001.

She is one of the first stars to acknowledge her struggle with mental illness, and Carey has said that she hopes her confession will help people dealing with similar issues to feel less isolated.

Explaining why she had waited 17 years to share her diagnosis Carey said: 

“I didn’t want to carry around the stigma of a lifelong disease that would define me and potentially end my career,” she said. “I was so terrified of losing everything.”

Carey spoke of living for years in denial and isolation and in constant fear someone would expose her.

Carey is in therapy and taking medication to control her disorder, which is characterized by abrupt and extreme mood changes.

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