Desperately skinny dog with a broken leg made an enormous effort to lead rescuers to her poor pups

Rescuers found a female dog with a broken leg, and after plastering the fracture, the animal forced them to follow her so they could help her babies too.

The incredible moment was captured on video and shared through Facebook, where it captivated thousands of users. The dog had been found by a concerned citizen in a local market in Vera, Spain, and the man seeing her in such poor condition immediately took her to a veterinarian for treatment.

According to the video description, the animal was very emaciated and probably had been abandoned by its owners. The dog was so thin that it literally looked like a bag of bones.

In addition, the dog was producing milk and bleeding through her private parts, which led the veterinarians to believe that she had recently given birth.

The veterinarians named her Vera in honor of the town where they found her, and they knew that they should find her puppies as soon as possible. Follow us on Twitter for more @amomama_usa.

After Vera's leg was treated, they took her back to the market where they found her for the first time and waited for the dog to go and look for her cubs. Rescuers let Vera lead the way and traveled almost 2 miles through roads and fields to an abandoned car.

Inside the vehicle, there were ten perfectly healthy puppies; Vera had taken care of them even while she was seriously injured.

The dog managed to guide the rescuers and entrusted them her babies, even though she had only met these people an hour before. Surely her instinct told her they were in good hands.

The incredible Vera proved that a mother is capable of doing anything for her children. She was able to keep her cubs alive and feed them, even when her body was so damaged.

The fighter mother and her puppies were taken care of by veterinarians and once they are recovered they will be given up for adoption.

Thanks to those who rescued them, every one of the puppies can have a home where they will receive the love and care they need.

This story reminds us of a lost dog that was found by a driver and helped save the life of an elderly man. A crane driver thought he would rescue a dog, but what he actually did was save the owner's life.

The owner of the dog was injured after he fell and had spent more than 8 hours lying on the ground; thanks to his furry friend he was finally rescued.

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