Photographer says ‘Kiss!’ and boy turns heads by kissing a flower girl in this hilarious video

Jaimie-lee Prince
Oct 05, 2018
08:03 P.M.
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This little boy stole the show from the bride and groom at their wedding. He also stole a kiss from his favorite flower girl. 


In the video posted on Facebook, viewers see that a wedding between Alfred Lu and Jamaica has just taken place and the entourage are doing a photo shoot. 

The bride and groom are centered in between everyone else. The bride wore a traditional white gown while her new husband wore a matching three-piece suit. 

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Source: YouTube/ Jonathan Fusilero Photography


Behind the bride stood the processional women including a lady in yellow, one in turquoise, and three others in the classic pink bridesmaid gowns.

Behind the groom on the other side stood just three men including the best man. They all wore grey overalls above white vests. 

Source: YouTube/ Jonathan Fusilero Photography


Another much shorter young man stood in front of the groom. It was 10-year-old Mayco Pestano who had a trick up his sleeve.

Facing him was his mini counterpart, Sheyn Buencamino, who wore a mock light blue wedding dress.



The adults were then instructed to get closer so they would fit the frame and create a full picture. 

The younger pair, however, were told to cover their eyes with their hand so that the picture would have a comical effect.

Then the photographer informed the couple that he will be counting down and when he yelled "Kiss!", they were to kiss for the photo. 


The cameraman then yelled out the numbers and instructed the couple to kiss.

But in a surprising twist, the young boy uncovered his eyes and planted a smooch on the girl in front of him. 

The hilarious event was met with laughs as everyone's attention was drawn away from the couple.

The photographer who was heard behind the scenes later said: "It was an epic wedding moment. Really, kids today are totally different."

"It was a very cute moment and everybody found it very, very funny. It was all very innocent, and perfect timing from the boy to steal the show."


The adorable distraction will likely make the big day even more memorable for all who attended.

In another wedding, a little girl stole the bride's thunder when she planted one on the ring bearer. 

Again, the four-year-old flower girl stood with her counterpart in front of the bride and groom as they posed for a picture. 

According to the wedding photographer Leah Bullard, the "bubbly" little girl "was calling herself the bride the whole day." 


Source: YouTube/ CNN

With that in mind, little Anderson followed the photographer's cue to kiss when prompted for the photo. 

In a subsequent interview, the girl kept declaring that she and the little boy, whose name was Ikey, also had a wedding because they kissed. 

Back in 2016, one baby was devastated when her parents kissed in front of her. 

Little Ella made some adorably sweet but sad faces whenever her parents puckered up in front of her. 


Source: YouTube/ Kimberlee Herberle

Matt and Krissy Hanneken caught her reaction on tape and uploaded it to YouTube where it has reached over four million views. 

The cute child broke into tears everytime the couple shared a kiss, stopping only to receive her dad's affection before again putting on her crying face as he planted another one on his wife.