Baby makes it clear that she does not like her parents kissing (video)

Jun 18, 2018
01:33 A.M.
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A baby girl had the most adorable of reactions to her parents kissing in front of her.


Matt and Krissy Hanneken uploaded a video to YouTube showing their baby girl, Ella, being jealous of them kissing in front of her. Every time they lock lips, the little girl is seen crying.

Ella is on her usual cheerful form while being carried by her mother in her arms. But her only problem is that her parents keep showing affection to each other rather than her.

The jealous baby then purses her lips and breaks into tears until her parents break their kiss and turn their attention on her.

As soon as the father looks at Ella and gives her a soft kiss, she is again all smiles and is back to her cheerful self.


'Our baby girl got very sad when Mommy and Daddy shared a kiss in front of her. She's jealous for sure!' Hanneken wrote in the description to the video.

The adorable clip has been viewed more than 4 million times and has gathered around 17,000 likes. Clearly, the internet is in love with this adorably jealous baby.


It's surprising how these little ones have a completely different way of perceiving things around them. While Ella reacted with jealousy to her parents kissing, another little boy thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Another video uploaded to YouTube showed a little of giving a completely opposite reaction to what Ella gave after she saw her parents lock lips.

In the video uploaded by Kimberlee Heberle, her little son giggles and loses his control every time she and her husband kiss each other.

They continue to do it repeatedly, and each time, the baby only grew more hysterical to the much amusement of the parents.