Video of cow riding in back seat of truck goes viral

In another typical day in Dayton, Ohio, a grown cow was spotted riding the backseat of a truck on the highway. A stunned citizen named JD Blair was on his way home to Tipp City, Ohio, when he decided to take a video of what he saw. 

It's not every day that you see a cow being transported through the use of a pick-up truck, and so JD Blair made sure to record what he saw on an Ohio highway. While it's normal for large animals like cows to be transported via truck, a pick-up truck is a different story. 

In the short video clip, he had to double check if what he was seeing was actually real, as he said the cow was "riding shotgun". 

After he shared the video with his friends, one of them decided it was so interesting that they had to share it with the public. Since then, it has garnered almost 8 million views and 200,000 shares. 

It turns out that the man driving the truck is Cory Morris from Ludlow Falls, Ohio, and he shares that the cow named "Annie" was his rescue whom he has had since she was only a day old. 

He rescued Annie after her own mother rejected her at birth, and now, she fits right in with Morris and the rest of his family. Although he doesn't let his other animals know, he shares that she is his favorite and the 18-month-old cow now weighs 800 pounds and always casually rides in the back seat of his car. 

Of course, the caretaker says he is used to having people regularly asking him about Annie riding his truck, to which he always replies:

"Where else would I put her?"

According to him, he has no other choice as right when he opens the door, she climbs right in just like an obedient puppy. Their regular rides consist of going to McDonald's together, where Annie gets an ice cream, one of her favorite treats. 

Cory is glad that Annie is getting noticed by millions of people, and he says he will continue to make the most out of their car rides together, as they won't be able to do this when she starts getting bigger. 

"I love that she's now appreciated by so many people."

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