Beyoncé’s mother accused of destroying her husband Richard Lawson’s ego in viral video

Aby Rivas
Oct 08, 2018
05:52 P.M.
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Tina Lawson and her husband Richard took part in the new season of OWN’s “Black Love” to talk about their relationship and how it came to be. But Tina might have hurt her husband’s ego with her words, and fans have mixed feelings about it.


Beyoncé and Solange’s mother is known for always keeping it real when it comes to her relationships. After her divorce from Mathew Knowles in 2011, Tina was skeptical of getting into another relationship, until she reconnected with Richard Lawson, in 2014.

While they started taking things slow, as Tina recalled in the show, Lawson was evident on his intentions for Tina, even though he was used to date younger women. However, the couple soon made things more serious, going out with Tina’s daughters and getting to hang out with each other’s friends.


Now they have three years married, and they couldn’t be happier.

However, Tina might have created a rough patch on her marriage with her words on “Black Love.” The 64-year-old was talking about how getting back her confidence and loving herself first enabled her to attract someone into her life, and added:

“At 59, I moved to a new city, got a new car, a new man, a new life. I envisioned the type of man I wanted, I prayed for the type of man I wanted, and I got pretty much that. Is he perfect? Absolutely not. But he has a lot of the qualities that I love. And we’re having a really good time, and I’m enjoying life.”


Richard, however, didn’t look pleased by his wife’s statement. He even interrupted her in the middle of her speech to make sure he heard right when she said he wasn’t perfect. And Tina made it clear with a sharp “No” and an eye roll.

Fans noted that Richard’s whole demeanor changed immediately, and they had mixed reactions to the incident. While some people believe Tina was trying to say no one is perfect and Richard shouldn’t take it personally, other think she was insulting and selfish for her reaction.


An extract of the video was posted to Instagram, and user @laverta1212 commented:

“OMG! Tina’s choice of words and even her facial expressions made her husband feel some type of way. This interview didn’t give me a good depiction of what LOVE or BLACK LOVE is supposed to look like!”

While @bring_gentlemen_back added:

“A man is only Mr. good enough after marriage until he proves himself to be better. I guess he didn't. #ouch”

And @aspiringlaconicist came to Tina’s defense saying:

“You know mad ppl said that was cruel and or emasculating. Nah it's just life lol. Love her.”


On the same show, Richard revealed that he asked for Tina’s hand to her daughters, Beyoncé and Solange, and he explained why.

“I thought that that was important, because I knew without that, based upon the fact that Tina lives for her children, that it didn’t stand a chance unless they were on board,” he said. And continued:

“I was fortunate enough that they were completely on board and just over the top excited about it.”


It seems like Tina and Richard are still in the right place, as they continue working together on their foundation and traveling around with family and friends whenever there’s an event coming up.

Watch Richard's reaction to Tina's word below: