Bizarre footage of dog licking up snacks on the floor from another room through closed door

Jaimie-lee Prince
Oct 10, 2018
04:36 A.M.

Zeus, the German Shepherd, was not about to let anything get in his way from chowing down on his favorite treats.


In an adorable Instagram video, netizens got a peek at only one body part of the clever dog: his large tongue. The humorous clip is found below.

Zeus had just spilled his treats and was locked in another room for his owner to clean up the mess. The clip is found below.

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The cheeky dog was taped as he reached only his tongue under the door to get some treats that were close enough.

Really, Zeus was assisting in cleaning up his own mess. At least, that's one way to look at it.


Another way is to appreciate just how hilariously determined the dog looked as his tongue poked underneath the door.


Jay Malyuk, Zeus' owner who lives in Ohio with his wife, captioned the post:

"Zeus gets plenty of food, but I do have to limit his treats! He's a good boy and I didn't want him sick!"


Another doggie named Cooper might have given himself a stomach ache when his owner gave him an ice cream treat.

Cooper and his pal Daisy were taken to McDonald's by their owner for some of the frozen snack.


The owner uploaded a clip showing how she gave Daisy first dibs, allowing her to lick from the single cone she bought for her two dogs.

Then, she allowed Cooper to have his turn and the cone was gone in a second.

Although it was funny to watch, Cooper set himself up for a potential severe stomach ache which can happen because dogs process dairy differently from us humans.

Experts encourage giving dogs yogurt as an alternative sweet treat to frozen foods.


Source: YouTube/ Coopers Dogpatch

To ensure their pet's health is ideal, pet owners should look into why some pets just want to eat all the time.

According to Petful, some dogs are just gluttonous. They actually just wanna eat almost any and everything. And they simply always want to eat.

If you suspect this is the case with your pet, first confirm with your veterinarian. Then take solid steps to keep your dog out of the kitchen.

Baby gates or other such barriers may be useful in this instance.


Another reason is that it may be your dog's insatiable appetite is due to not getting enough to eat.

Their diet may need adjusting in such a way that they need to take in more food to accommodate greater activity.

And finally, medical issues such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism may develop symptoms that cause increased appetite. Always consult your veterinarian to ensure you're getting a correct diagnosis to your pet's changed behavior.

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