Anti-Kavanaugh protester struck an elderly man with pro-Trump signs during demonstrations

An unidentified young woman was caught on video harassing an elderly man that was showing his support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The blonde girl, who was accompanied by a possible friend or supporter of the cause, was dancing uncomfortably close to the man who didn't do anything to defend himself.

As it can be seen in the video shared on Twitter by actor James Woods, the Kavanaugh supporter was holding signs that read 'She is a good liar' and 'Arm, teachers, protect kids.'

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The man was minding his own business when the two youngsters came out of nowhere and started dancing around him with shouts against Kavanaugh.

At one point, amidst the 'hey, hey, ho, ho, Kavanaugh has got to go' chants, the young woman tried to rip the signs of the elder's hands.


The whole situation was witnessed and recorded by several people on site and ended up being shared across many social media platforms.

Unfortunately for the girl, her actions were not well-received and she was considered a bully by many people online, with most of them describing her actions as disrespectful.


People argued that the elderly man probably fought to preserve the youngster's freedom and that he didn't deserve to be disrespected for his opinion.

The lack of respect was the main issue raised by internet users, but karma may have caught up with the young woman since she seemed to have been arrested, along with a handful of other protesters, although this piece of information is yet to be confirmed.


Kavanaugh's case has been making headlines in the past few weeks and has even inspired several spoofs, including the one released by "Saturday Night Live" featuring Matt Damon.

In the skit, the actor plays Kavanaugh and shouts phrases such as 'I went to Yale! ... I lifted weights,' an obvious reference to the real Kavanaugh's statement during the hearing.

The comedy piece was a major success and was seen by millions of people around the world but, even though it revolved around the sexual assault allegations, Christine Blasey Ford wasn't mentioned out of respect for the victim.

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