Amazing Georgia woman makes custom wigs for children with hair loss

A salon owner in Georgia puts her wig-making expertise to good use by providing wigs to children with hair loss. Her inspiring story is the reason why many children are now spared of the humiliation of being bald.  

A Georgia mom’s compassion for children suffering from hair loss is the highlight of this story.

Wig designer Quilla Bohannon is making it her life’s mission to provide wigs to children suffering from conditions that induce hair loss. 

“They deserve to feel like everyone else,” Bohannon told Fox 5 Atlanta as she discussed her inspiring project. 

A hair enthusiast who owns an Atlanta-based salon called Runway Hair, Bohannon realized that kids who are already suffering from their sickness don’t need the added humiliation of being bald at such a young age. She started to make wigs for them and initiated a fundraiser called “Free Wigs For Kids,” in order to raise the money she needed to prepare the wigs which don’t come cheap. 

Bohannon said that though she was already toying with the idea, it was her 6-year-old daughter who actually got her started. Gushing about Bohannon’s talent, her daughter Alexa suggested she should also do wigs for kids who have no hair. It was then that Bohannon began to work on children’s wigs, using Alexa’s head as her mold. 

Through her fundraising site, she raised $5,000 in two days and she also received more than 2,500 requests for children’s wigs. With the wave of orders she’s been getting, Bohannon’s family, including her mother and her sister, have been helping her produce the wigs.  So far, they’ve made a total of 1,200 wigs and though it’s taking a toll on Bohannan, she says she’s inspired enough to persevere. 

Bohannan isn’t the only owner of a hair salon who’s made efforts to provide wigs for kids. All About Hair Salon in Albany partnered with “Wigs For Kids” by helping design and measure custom-made wigs for children ages 3-18. Through the foundation, these children receive a free wig yearly until they turn 18. 

Hair loss can be quite frightening for many. The common reasons for this are cancer (during treatment) and alopecia, a condition that induces hair loss which isn’t rare. Celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith have admitted to having alopecia. Smith opened up about her condition during an episode of her Facebook Watch talk show, “Red Table Talk” explaining why she would always appear in a turban. She described learning about her condition as terrifying but also proudly revealed she learned to accept and live with it. She also said she gets steroid injections to manage it.

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