Dad discovered his son in the bathroom with "green" hair. Wait for the baby’s "confession" (video)

When children come into the picture to create a family, life ceases to be the same. Don't expect anything to stay in their place. The little devils turn everything upside down. 

Take, for example, baby Johnny. Dad asked him what he did, but Johnny left the simple question unanswered. He just pointed his finger in the direction of his "sins."

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Have you ever had a little boy like that? No? Maybe you have a daughter. Girls, however, love to play with their mother's cosmetics from the time they can walk.

Like the baby in the video below:

If you are a dad, you won’t avoid the madness either. This unlucky father found his son in the bathroom with "green" hair. Wait for the baby’s "confession", it is hilarious.

In the bathroom, you will often find children wearing the most bizarre looks. Just take a look at him. This mom will be scrubbing her naughty son for a long time.

And if the boy has a sister and a paintbrush, then you are really going to have trouble. Everything and everyone will be at their mercy: relatives, friends, sisters, and even walls!

At some point, things just get completely out of hand. Even the ceiling gets involved.

Two children double your problems. Do you agree?


And even when they do something cool, you still need to watch them closely till the very end!

... follow their every step!

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