Officer pushes elderly woman’s wheelchair all the way home after she got stranded on the road

When two officers got a call about a wheelchair being a “traffic hazard” in the middle of a road, they didn’t expect to find the wheelchair and a woman sitting on it. It turns out; the elderly lady had run out of batteries, so one of the officers offered his help to get both the woman and the chair back home.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Deputies Shane Chapman and Steven Montanez of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department went the extra mile to help a senior citizen who was stranded in the middle of the road when her electric wheelchair ran out of batteries.

A video of the incident, recorded by the dash camera of their patrol car and shared on the station’s Facebook page, has gathered over 136k views and thousands of shares, with people from the community praising the officers for their hard work.


Everything started when Chapman and Montanez got a call about a wheelchair being stranded, but the caller seems to have forgotten to mention the owner of the chair was also stranded. After arriving at the spot, the officers decided to offer the lady a ride home, and she gladly accepted.

Source: Facebook/Lancaster Sheriff's Station

Source: Facebook/Lancaster Sheriff's Station

However, they encountered a problem when the chair didn’t fit into their car. The woman didn’t want to leave her only medium of transportation abandoned on the side of the road, so officer Montanez came with the solution that would benefit everyone.

Source: Facebook/Lancaster Sheriff's Station

Source: Facebook/Lancaster Sheriff's Station

He would push the chair all the way to the woman’s home, one mile away. He did it in full uniform and boots, under the scorching sun, while Chapman and the lady followed him slowly in the car. The officer even made fun of colleague’s “slow pace,” as he can be heard in the  video saying:

“You can pick it up. We’re only about one mile an hour right now!”

The comment elicited a good laugh out of the grateful woman, as heard in the short clip.

“We are so incredibly grateful to all of our deputies for the work they do on a daily basis. My hero wears a badge,” read the caption of the Facebook video.


In a similar circumstance, officer Jim Quick from the Knoxville Police Department was on patrol when he noticed a stranded woman in an electric chair at the bottom of a hill. Jumping into action, Quick began pushing the woman up the hill, across railroad tracks and all the way to her home.

“This is what we mean by #CommunityStrong,” said the caption of the video shared by the station’s Facebook account.

And in April, officers from the Montoursville Borough Police were called to help a senior man that needed to reach his wife into the hospital after she was taken there by ambulance. The woman had an emergency and was rushed to get medical attention, but her husband didn’t have family or friends to gave him a lift to the hospital.

Hearing about the man’s situation, officers picked him up at his home and took him all the way to the hospital. After arriving there, the man got out of the car but had to hold onto it because he couldn’t immediately walk.

One of the officers helped the man until the hospital’s entrance, where staff came met him with a wheelchair.

“You can only imagine what’s going through someone’s mind at that age when they’ve been together that long, but he didn’t seem to be overly upset, like he kind of expected it and was ready and just going to see his wife,” said officer Jason Bentley to WNEP.  “He didn’t know how she was doing.”

A photo of the heartwarming moment moved people all over the internet, who said the officers’ good deeds help them restore their faith in humanity.

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